- Enable 4K Stogram to dynamically switch to new username for seamless downloading

Note: Pertains to Windows OS only (64-bit, Windows 8.1)

When an instagram user changes their username, this makes it impossible for 4K Stogram to download using their previous username; you have to delete the old username, and search for their new username (one found in the https url) for 4K stogram to re-download everything that the user shared. This "new" username will be created and 4K stogram redownloads everything again a new folder, making the "old" username to be broken and can no longer be updated (Usually, I delete this username & folders).

We ask if 4K Stogram can dynamically switch to these new usernames for seamless downloading, although the download folder will retain the first old username as its folder name (a suitable compromise, vs. creating new folders & re-downloading everything.)

Author: Brainsalad, 13.07.2015, 05:42
Idea status: under consideration


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