- Please add sorting options in 4K Instagram

I am a paid user of 4K Stogram and I use it to save several (hundreds) users, but usually the newly added are on top. However, there are users I follow that are more relevant to me, so I would like to keep them on top. Currently, I cant' do that and there is no search function either to browse through my current users. So at least if would be desirable a personalized sorting option (not just alphabetically, for example). As I mention above, this is a problems when you manage a large list of users

Author: Pascual, 28.06.2015, 15:27
Idea status: completed


Nate, 13.09.2017, 11:26
I agree, sorting my favorites to the top, or allowing a "star" or "favorite" option would be ideal. Lots of feeds I want to follow, but want to see family and friends first. Another option is to allow the feeds to update and resort based on recent posts.

Thanks for suggesting.
Frank, 02.03.2020, 16:25
I would be nice to filter and sort on new images/videos, number of new/total images/videos, name, date of last/first update.

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