- Please add sorting options in 4K Instagram

I am a paid user of 4K Stogram and I use it to save several (hundreds) users, but usually the newly added are on top. However, there are users I follow that are more relevant to me, so I would like to keep them on top. Currently, I cant' do that and there is no search function either to browse through my current users. So at least if would be desirable a personalized sorting option (not just alphabetically, for example). As I mention above, this is a problems when you manage a large list of users

Author: Pascual, 28.06.2015, 15:27
Idea status: under consideration


Nate, 13.09.2017, 11:26
I agree, sorting my favorites to the top, or allowing a "star" or "favorite" option would be ideal. Lots of feeds I want to follow, but want to see family and friends first. Another option is to allow the feeds to update and resort based on recent posts.

Thanks for suggesting.

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