- make TWO of the SMART MODE buttons...

The program now only has 1 button for smart mode...
So if the previous thing you downloaded was MUSIC that you EXTRACTED from a youtube video
you will have to change the settings manually to download the video (if you want to keep both video and audio as seperate fles)

So you should have TWO BUTTONS, and one button would remember your MUSIC PREFERENCES and when you click that button, it will PASTE THE LINK while USING YOUR MUSIC PREFS
and then another button that will REMEBER YOUR VIDEO PERFS and PASTE THE LINK using those settings.

And then ofcourse, keep the original PasteLink button, and the original Smart-Mode button.

But the program would be easier/faster/more practical with TWO extra buttons, one that remembered music download prefs (ex: 256kb / destination-folder-for-music) and another button that remembered video-download-prefs (ex: MP4 / 720P / Video-Destionation-Folder) and when you clicked them, the link got pasted into the program and was treated either as music or video, with your most wanted prefs remembered (as in twhat the smartmoe button does)

Author: Alexander Haukås, 02.04.2015, 14:30
Idea status: under consideration


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