- Audio bitrate in HD videos is limited to 128k

other programs can download audio up to at least 256k bitrate (audio mode 141)

Author: mc, 29.01.2015, 19:43
Idea status: in process


alfonso, 01.02.2015, 13:58
improve audio please!!!!
mc, 13.10.2016, 00:37
Boy, I didn't even remembered I posted this already: it's in process for over a year and a half? other dlers can do this why can't 4k - and why is it taking so long?
mc, 02.01.2017, 03:59
Yeah, don't hold your breath on this... time to move on to greener pastures.
who, 10.02.2017, 16:22
what program does this
CP, 27.07.2017, 10:11
Just bought the program for €10 and I'm pretty shocked to find out audio is limited to 128kbit...
4kdownload, 17.10.2017, 14:44
Dear users,
4K VIdeo Downloader doesn't convert YouTube videos, it only extracts videos. YouTube sometimes does not provide such a quality and has video and audio stored separately.
smiam, 23.03.2018, 05:51
Youtube has only 128 kbps, other bitrates is transcodes, it won't add any frequencies above 128 kbps limit.
Simon, 16.04.2018, 17:25
What is the difference between the App to other Youtube to mp3 converters like all the one you find online?
Cody, 27.07.2018, 22:32
I noticed that audio in videos after downloading was limited in terms of high frequency range. The range per channel was up to about 12kHz despite the sample rate of 44kHz (theoretical Nyquist of 22kHz per channel). I've ran into many MP3 audio files like this, too. The three common ranges being 12kHz, 15kHz and the best sounding ones being 18kHz. It would be nice if this could be improved to 18kHz. Thanks!

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