- turn off auto-update in Stogram

By default, and only option, Stogram updates all users at once on startup. This puts a large load on Instagram servers which results in some requests being denied or timing out - which results in corrupted files from incomplete downloads. As it is, Stogram doesn't know these files are corrupted, and makes no attempt to redownload any files - once a post has been downloaded, its not downloaded again.

This issue can be easily fixed by not having Stogram update automatically on startup, update users one at a time, or limit the number of active downloads.

Author: Micron, 29.12.2013, 01:33
Idea status: completed


John, 18.07.2016, 22:33
First of all, I was unable to create an account. When I clicked submit, I got a 'bad captcha code' error when there is no captcha on the screen!

The original reason I was going to comment is because I am experiencing the same issue. In fact, I also get a lot of incomplete jpg files just updating one subscription that downloads just a few images. The incomplete jpg files present themselves as complete but having 10% - 50% dots and discoloration starting at the bottom of the files.

Also, some ability to sort and search would be fantastic. When you have hundreds of subscriptions, finding individual subscriptions can be very time-consuming when they are in the order you subscribed to them!
John, 05.08.2016, 10:01
At this point, every picture that I download is corrupted. As much as the bottom third of the image is messed up! Can we please get this fixed? Or should I get my money back and buy a different downloader? Thanks!
John, 06.09.2016, 22:56
This is getting really annoying! This needs to be fixed! If this goes too much longer, I am getting another downloader and getting my money back for 4K Stogram!
4kdownload, 22.03.2019, 09:47
Hi there!

Please make sure you are using the latest version 4K Stogram - 2.7.1 - there you can disable auto-update.
For more detailed and personal help please contact 4K Download support team.

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