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First of all this is a great software. I am also a programmer myself and learning to create windows applications using c++.

It will be great to have a Playlist feature sort of a library but translated into/pointing to folders. I know this may not seem so important since you can create a new folder each time you paste but it saves a lot of time. And I know it will be a quick feature to add. I will explain.

In the "Download Clip" section/dialog box after pasting the link instead of having just the Browse button, this could be extended to having a list of "Playlist" pointing to certain directories. So that I could just select a directory without browsing through the directories or typing and then making sure that it is the right directory each time you save. I know this may seem necessary but saving lots of files in the same folder is not practical and having to remember each directory is not practical either. I have spent some time downloading some very old clips and some dramas creating a folder for each media file to categories them was not quick you either have to remember the location of each directory or browse through lots of folders.

This is a media tool I know this feature is important. This software is also great because you can download lots of clips at once so being able to save those clips in different folders quickly like the "paste url to download" feature will be great. And I will be happy to donate to have this available.

Author: Mark, 05.12.2013, 12:25
Idea status: completed


4kdownload, 28.03.2019, 15:26
Hello guys!
Please make sure you are using the latest 4.7 version of 4K video Downloader. It should be fine.
If it doesn't help, please contact support@4kdownload.com, they will help you asap.

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