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Author: oimyacon, 14.04.2013, 08:23
Idea status: scheduled


andyaz, 14.01.2018, 02:26
I wouldn't know where to begin to write the code to automatically download videos from vk.com, but like many other html sites, I CAN do it manually. The trick to success is getting the video's real URL, which is basically just a click-find-copy-paste procedure, so I would think that the clever people behind 4K Downloader already know how to do it. They probably just need a little more incentive to add the site, so please vote for the original idea, which is "scheduled" but posted nearly 5 years ago.
Kevin, 12.01.2019, 07:06
The VK.com splash screen for viewing videos is very similar to facebook's version.
Also, when viewing a video, you can right click it and get some debug info, including the video ID number.

This is based on me toying with it on Firefox 62.

Debug info attached below.
Video ID: 211699206_456239522
Content host: cs6-12v4.vkuservideo.net
Media provider: hls
Quality: 360
Auto quality: enabled
Position: 83.797912
Player state: paused
Player size: 816x459
Module: profile_videos
Hls manifest: https://vk.com/video_hls.php?dirs%5B240%5D=https%3A%2F%2Fcs531629.vkuservideo.net%2F12%2Fu25853395%2Fvideos%2F&dirs%5B360%5D=https%3A%2F%2Fcs531629.vkuservideo.net%2F12%2Fu25853395%2Fvideos%2F&path=12%2Fu25853395%2Fvideos%2F&extra=dpDoujN5uuOZ5eKBmGfruAzdwE4xmpRdYesRloOkw_Ndmj4F3suwQ_mYAw57U-V1kAT7hKfEa1I_RvB4dybHJFxFkNv5Oc8IgPls2FidXj4Nlv1mfliDkKOyYBNJ-EERkmAB927nZA&c_extra=2l6ndlhywR44Kl8B4QvG9yvv44et7Cnr68L4_QO5JFuG8KYPBjl-7bRSek_rjkCQbnWEzwDw8uD_-dCowf1F165gZ6nWTvugIzeFQAJrlUYNj-001EQaI_SSHXkg62Eog5y5j7auYA&video=211699206_456239522&tag=2664f28dd6&c_tag=3f32682aebba&hash=5146279f0c234d6df4&lang_id=3

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