- 6 Things I'm requesting for 4K Video Downloader

Hello, I am a Korean who purchased 4K Video Downloader.
Since I'm using this program, I'd like to tell you some of the features that I need.


First of all, when I download a video and watch it with a video file, I sometimes wonder about the URL of the video.
When I download a video, I wish I had the option to receive the source of the video in a text file. Or it would be good to have a function to save the URL of the YouTube video as a cache file inside the program. Create URL tab on the program itself and make history of the downloaded video file by category.

Second, the automatic production subtitle of YouTube is not very good. When I download a video, I need an option to download it except for auto-generated subtitles.

Third, there are times when I wonder when the video was uploaded.
When downloading a batch of videos, I wish there was an option to put an upload date on the file name. I think it would be good to put a playlist on the YouTube channel in the file name.
(I've already received a thousand videos. It would be sad if I had to download it again.)

Fourth, I want to have the ability to change the path where files are stored by default.

Fifth, I wish there was an option to save the thumbnail of the video.

Sixth, when I receive a large number of images, sometimes errors occur.


When I think about it, I want to give you feedback on the above.
Especially, I need the third feedback the most. I need the 'upload date' of the videos uploaded to YouTube.

I also hope that I can download the third feedback and other information about the videos together.


The program is good. I use it often and recommend it to people around me. Maybe there are some friends who bought it after hearing me.

It's also useful for receiving "Twitch Clip."

I don't know if all my feedback will be accepted, but I hope it helps.

Thank you very much.

Author: wavekim, 25.03.2020, 16:52
Idea status: completed


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