- Add missing HDR Metadata into the MKV Files

The metadata from YouTube videos in 4K, 2K with HDR are not correctly transferred to the MKV files.

The required HDR metadata is missing in this in order for the video to be recognized as an HDR video by players.

There are missing e.g. Metadata such as:
- HDR_Format / String
- color_range
- colour_primaries (e.g. BT.2020)
- transfer_characteristics (e.g. HLG)
- matrix_coefficients (e.g. BT.2020 non-constant)
- MasteringDisplay_ColorPrimaries (e.g. display P3)
- MasteringDisplay_Luminance (e.g. min: 0.0050 cd / m2, max: 1000 cd / m2)

Author: Sebastian, 07.03.2020, 10:45
Idea status: under consideration


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