- Confirmation on deleting subscription

4K Stogram's context menu for each subscription contains the 'Remove' item, which instantly removes all the photos and stories of this profile from the app's database and also removes the actual downloaded files. I believe all the 'remove' features should be handled with at least confirmation MessageBox, because user can always misclick the context menu item and lose all the downloaded files, which could be gone from instagram forever.

It would be really awesome if by clicking the 'Remove' menu item there would be a MessageBox popped out with something like "Are you sure you want to remove the profile...?" and Yes/No buttons. Then the user wouldn't have the ability to accidently lose some stuff by misclicking some buttons.

Not hard to implement but very useful, I believe.


Author: Trasher, 30.08.2019, 19:26
Idea status: under consideration


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