- Support downloads in native format VP9

If native format of YouTube is VP9, perhaps it would be good to be able to download that without converting to another format (there is no option to avoid conversion to MP4, etc).

This would improve quality for people who have their own conversion software.

Currently... YouTube (VP9) to (4K Video Downloader) MP4 H.264 to (converter) MP4 H.265 (half size)
Better would be... YouTube (VP9) to (4K Video Downloader) WEBM? (VP9)

Fewer steps, less degradation.

Unless there is an option to save in a container that preserves the original unaltered stream (does MKV get saved with an internal VP9 stream? This is unclear from the interface).

Author: PEC, 08.06.2019, 05:31
Idea status: under consideration


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