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Youtube and even Vimeo are censoring. We need to see subscriptions on:
so that those videos can be downloaded and channels on those platforms can be subscribed to. I expect my Youtube channel subscriptions to be useless before the end of the year.

Platforms that are peer to peer, decentralized and also use blockchain and; are NOT beholden to a single central CORPORATE ownership or authority. Bithub would be nice but they are not set up for Videos (yet).

Censorship is beyond the critical point for alternative media and news/journalism. MOST of my valued accounts are either demonetized on Youtube and/or have been removed. Very few use Vimeo for the same reason (potentially being demonized and being removed). Those who have been demonetized (thousands this past week alone) will need to move to alternative platforms in order to survive and the most popular ones right now are those listed above.
Vic Jasin

Censorship has affected Youtube to the point that most of what is left and/or not being disrupted is nothing more than mainstream establishment curated content. NOT TRUTH and certainly NOT alternative journalism that dissents from the MSM narrative.

IF you can do that you will become a valued tool for those (like me) who are leaving the conventional social networks and video platforms.

Author: Victor Jasin, 08.06.2019, 02:08
Idea status: under consideration


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