- Integrate a History option so that the user can find the URL of a previously downloaded video.

Sometimes I download a video and later I need the URL. But I cannot find the video URL again.
If I cannot find it at the web, and I have it at 4K I can easily obtain it, at any rate.

Author: Efrain Soto, 12.09.2018, 20:58
Idea status: under consideration


pip, 26.09.2019, 13:30
Perhaps needless to say: 'Download History' is meant to include SUCCESSFUL downloads only. This would make it much easier to check in the subscriptions for downloads that have failed and have to be retried again manually...
Arte, 06.10.2019, 19:47
qual numero de registro
MsDee, 19.12.2019, 16:02
Have you considered copying and pasting the video URL and the video title to a notepad or Word document? That's what I do. Saves a lot of time and frustration.
wiso, 20.12.2019, 14:55
The idea of subscription is to download lots of files automatically every day. You don't want to sit next to it and take down all the many URLs manually...
melkizedeck, 16.03.2020, 10:44
like it

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