- Button-labels wrong in German version

When creating a new subscription, 4K Video Downloader offers the option to chose whether one wants to download the entire channel or merely the future videos of this channel.
To have this option is great.

There are three buttons to chose from in this situation.
The right one is to cancel the creation of this subsription. Its German labelling is correct.
The left and the middle button are labelled misleadingly:

Using the left button (labelled "Abonnieren" which translates as "Subscribe") results in downloading merely the future videos of this channel.

Using the middle button (labelled "Download ist vorhanden" which translates as "Download exists") results in downloading all the old videos of this channel as well. However, the label wrongly suggests, that this button is to ignore old videos since a download of the old ones already exists.

A better labelling for the button in the middle would be "Auch alte Videos laden" which translates as "Download old videos as well". It uses exactly the same number of characters, so it does not need more space than the old labelling.

If the label of the middle button would be changed this way, the label of the left button could remain as it is, since, in the context of the middle button, its meaning would be self-evident.

Author: Jan, 31.07.2018, 09:33
Idea status: completed


Jan, 05.09.2018, 19:46
Another possible labelling that would clarify the button's actions without specifying the downloaded files as 'videos':

left button: "Nur Neues laden" = "Download only the new"
middle button: "Auch Altes laden" = "Download the old as well"
right button: "Abbrechen" = "Cancel" [no change in labelling here]

I am not sure, whether this feels clumsy in English and provokes the angry question: 'The old what?'.
In German it works well using 'the new' or 'the old' as a not furtherly specified substantive including all what's new in the given context (objects to be downloaded).
Jan, 17.09.2019, 00:34
I just tested the new version (4.9) and the button labels are not changed.
Maybe the idea status was accidentally changed to 'completed', because nothing has changed yet.
The labels are still misleading as described above.

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