- when I try to download an MP4 video in 4k only reaches 1080p

when I try to download an MP4 video in 4k only reaches 1080p (configured in the original resolution the intelligent mode download it in 1080p - manual mode doesn't appear the option of 4k - I already made sure the source video is in 4k, I tried several videos in 4k) this doesn't happen with MKV

Author: Moisés, 08.06.2018, 23:21
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Matt, 09.06.2018, 06:17
yup, we need 4k in mp4 back. 4k in mkv, hell even 2k messes up my explorer.
Moisés, 10.06.2018, 19:05
Yes, MKV format downloaded with 4K Downloader are damaged files and crash my explorer (videos never open or finish loading the thumbnail and made my explorer very slow)
Matt, 11.06.2018, 08:43
oh your explorer becomes slow too ?
i have the same problem. mkv thumbnails never load and explorer becomes slow. even deleting the file takes 5 minutes or a restart.
thats a relief. I was thinking it was a problem with my computer and i was planning on buying a new one.
Matt, 11.06.2018, 08:46
BTW if u come across any other software or online site that lets us download youtube 4k in mp4 format, please let us know in the comment section. I will bookmark this page.
So far i have installed around 7-8 softwares and tried some sites but none give 4k in mp4 format option.
4kdownload, 28.03.2019, 15:04
Hello guys!
YouTube stores several formats and resolutions of a video, which 4K Video Downloader parses and downloads. YouTube has changed the way content is stored. As a result, 4K resolution can be downloaded only in MKV format for the moment.

Please change MP4 to MKV format to get 4K Resolution.
You may open MKV files with VLC and MPC-HC media players.

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