- Add ability to subscribe to playlists

Please add the ability to subscribe to playlists so that it instantly downloads new videos added to a playlist.

Author: Michael, 02.04.2018, 14:12
Idea status: under consideration


Cameron, 30.08.2018, 02:18
This goes hand in hand with subscribing to a channel and auto-downloading new vids, which is already implemented, so I'd love to see this feature soon.
Also, being able to choose a custom interval for checking for new vids would be great, especially if the option was given to type in ANY amount of time, rather than a drop-down list. There was another youtube downloader that I tried, but the most frequent update interval was an hour, which is fine for most purposes, but I'd love it if I was able to be out and about, see a video in the youtube app on my phone, add it to a playlist, and have it downloading to my computer at home within minutes.
Cameron, 30.08.2018, 02:21
Also, an option to minimize the program to the tray would be nice, so it could be left running and not take up space on the taskbar

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