- cannot download 2160P vidoe in mp4 format, only mkv format is available?

I was trying to download 4K video from youtude. However, it only shows up to 1440P video in MP4 format. Whereas the same video link shows up to 2160P video in MKV format. Wondering why I cannot download 2160P video in MP4 format.

Author: Tom, 25.02.2018, 06:15
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Mike, 28.02.2018, 02:14
I have the same problem. The software used to let me download 4k mp4s from youtube, but now I have to select mkv if I want to download 4k resolution. It seems to be a bug.
4kdownload, 28.03.2019, 15:35
Hello Guys!
YouTube stores several formats and resolutions of a video, which 4K Video Downloader parses and downloads. YouTube has changed the way content is stored. As a result, 4K resolution can be downloaded only in MKV format for the moment.

Please change MP4 to MKV format to get 4K Resolution.

You may open MKV files with VLC and MPC-HC media players.

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