- add for 4K Stogram "delete foto(1+) function"

You created best instagram downloader, but it havent delete function for any fotos.Maybe you will create this? =)

Thank you so much,you are best!!! =)

Author: Anna, 26.01.2018, 01:22
Idea status: under consideration


Fill, 26.01.2018, 02:06
I am a paid user of 4K Stogram and I think it will be nice.I cant deleted any instagram-stories foto.
Graci, 26.01.2018, 02:18
When you delete foto shows is either white screen ,and when you have 10000+....its sad -> see screenshot -> https://imgur.com/1ez3tvj

Fix it please!!!
Marko, 14.02.2018, 12:02
Yes guys,add it please!!!It will be wonderful =)
guy without name, 20.06.2018, 15:04
yes remove photos, and duplicate photos
UstiPal, 06.08.2018, 17:28
Yes. You should be able to check any photos under "details" and have a "delete selected" button up top, which would also tag these pictures, so they would not get downloaded again, unless you specifically hit a, lets say, "redownload deleted" button.

Theres way too much spam in stories (eg Q&A stuff), but I don't want to uncheck "Download Instagram stories", bc I do want some of them...

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