- change username of my subscriptions

People I follow occasionally change their account username so I have to remove the old one and subscribe for the new one and all the medias should be download again. if there would be a way that 4k would change the username automatically that would be awesome if not at least I would like to be able to change it manually

Author: Samir, 26.08.2017, 05:19
Idea status: under consideration


Anna, 12.03.2018, 18:11
Add it Please!!! ^_^
Byron Jones, 06.06.2018, 04:09
I agree with the original poster. Some people I subscribe to change their usernames each week it seems, and re-subscribing causes all of the content that's already been posted to have to be re-downloaded. It would be very helpful if the subscriptions could change dynamically when they're updated on the Instagram app.

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