- The last couple days 4K Stogram isn't updating followed accounts automatically.

Using the newest version of software & registered. Restarted program multiple times but nothing has helped. Only way I can get updates is to do it manually, which defeats the purpose of the software.

Author: Dave K, 23.08.2017, 23:05
Idea status: completed


Dave K, 25.08.2017, 03:36
UPDATE: Still not updating properly, even after a computer reboot (Windows 7). Seems to have maybe downloaded from a couple of accounts, but most where I know there are new updates (from the actual Instagram site) I still have to manually update, sometimes clicking on the Update button multiple times to get it to work. There's a slight chance it has to do with the Stories feature, since it seems like those are the accounts' updates that most often don't update automatically.
Dave K, 27.08.2017, 18:49
Program STILL not working/updating accounts correctly. I don't know what else to say except something is broken. Multiple other comments here seem to say the same thing. As a paid customer, can't say I'm too happy about it.
4kdownload, 04.06.2018, 13:59
Hello guys! Please contact support@4kdownload.com directly and they will help you asap!

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