- first thank u for ur programe , it is first time i buy programe from the internet !

but there are alot of problems
first some times it say parsing and wait more than 10 minute and after no download !
seconde it cant download two or three subtitle of video in same time , i need option to download video with two or thre subtitle , or download subtitle of video without download video
alot of error messeges during download the videos
four make percantage to show us the progres of the video download
five there is an option call merge the video with subtitle it dont work
six i hope to make option to download full channel with all of it's video and playlist and make folder automaticly to which one of playlist
seven go 4k ur programe is the best :)

Author: jokander, 15.04.2017, 00:51
Idea status: completed


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