- about the In the analysis...

I dont know what are english name call it(Simplified Chinese is call it “解析中”),when i copy the youtube link and paste to 4K Downloader,the analysis time is very very long... sometime i need to wait for several minutes.

i very sure my internet connetion very well,and i try from other youtube downloader software they analysis just need A few seconds,is very fast !!

i think 4K Downloader have a BUG,hope you can fix it.

i really like your software !:)

Author: K.Wayne, 31.03.2017, 06:53
Idea status: completed


4kdownload, 18.10.2017, 11:28
Dear users,
Long parsing is usually caused by a part of YouTube's servers being temporarily unavailable, please try to download the same video after some time and see if the issue persists.
Antivirus and Firewall may also influence the app's work. Please, turn off firewall, antivirus or any other program that may interfere 4K Video Downloader's working at least for the time of downloading. If it has solved the issue for you, please add 4K Video Downloader into the white list of that program in order to download with no interruptions and to stay safe while browsing the net.

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