- can videos and photos be saved with author name instead of date/post id when using 4K Stogram?

Usually when we use 4k Stogram to download photos and videos, files are named with date+post id+tag (from instagram), can we have an option to choose if we want files to be named only with author name? like from "2017-01-01 19.50.50 1418408159256531418_airsoftgear" to "team_black_eagles_airsoft" so if there is already a file named "team_black_eagles_airsoft" it save as "team_black_eagles_airsoft (1)", "team_black_eagles_airsoft (2)"..?

I see author is already included in EXIF info, but this option would save lots of time when looking for author name instead of having to right-clicking->proprieties every photo to know this info.

Thank you

Author: Robert Oliveira, 09.03.2017, 18:13
Idea status: under consideration


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