- why was I asked to pay after installing the software?

I checked your web site and I find the line below:
Most of our applications are completely free: no payments and no registration, ever. Full functionality instantly and forever!

However, after installing the application, I was able to download some videos, but I noticed I was asked to register a license in order to be able to download playlists. Can you please confirm that I downloaded the correct application? There is no link to buy the application in your home page but only in the software, and the link in the software shows a web page under your domain, but it is against what you claim in your web site that I get full functionality for free forever as quoted above. Can you please confirm to me that I need to pay to download playlists ?

Author: Shawqi J, 12.02.2017, 14:21
Idea status: under consideration


aild, 03.04.2017, 17:19
i have the same issue, maybe they forgot to remove the registration bit, i hope they fix it

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