- 4K Stogram should download 'tagged photos'

This seems interesting when we consider that many users of 4K Stogram are people who follow their idols or friends' lives through Instagram. This new feature would make it possible to know what the person has done/been and not put into his/her feed. I think that it's the only thing left for 4K Stogram to become perfect!

Author: Eduardo F, 13.01.2017, 05:01
Idea status: in process


Fabiona, 18.01.2017, 16:55
Excellent idea!!!
wing, 11.02.2019, 02:24
JW, 05.10.2019, 01:49
+1 for this feature!!! Instagram accounts often untag themselves or hide a tagged post from showing on their profile if they don't like the picture, so 4k Stogram would be extreamly useful to quickly download the post before they do! I'm a licensed 4K Stogram customer and want the ability to download tagged post extreamly bad! I'll even donate $100 to the development of this feature ;)
Bob, 05.10.2019, 02:11
I would purchase many more 4k Storgram license if this feature was available! I really want to automatically download photos that brand accounts are tagged in!
4kdownload, 15.07.2020, 12:55
We will do our best to add it in future :)

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