- Export download meta data to file for building catalogue / library. e.g. filename, filesize, URL, playlength, format etc.

EXPORT download information to build a library catalogue database, including category, using standard methodologies. e.g. CSV

Author: Tek, 02.10.2016, 00:44
Idea status: under consideration


Ryu, 15.10.2016, 19:54
and with playlist numbers.
1. xxx
2. xxx
3. xxx
GiovaSal, 23.05.2017, 20:55
I'm downloading a channel with 1200 videos... It would be nice to be able to set criteria to order or filter the list of videos of the channel... e.g. I may like to download only the videos that have a title beginning with "A", or only the videos that were uploaded in a specific period of time (let's say in the last couple of months), or only the videos that have a particular duration (let's say between 2 and 10 minutes), or only the videos that have been visualized at a certain rate since their upload date (let's say 1000 visualizations per month), or other criteria allowed by the information available in Youtube, or or a combination of all the previous...

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