- When a Subscriptions video fails, when restarted it downloads to the default Directory.

When any of my subscribe channels video fails/errors for any reason, eg. internet drops out, program closes windows crashes etc. anytime the program is restarted all the failed downloads. I restart them and then they get saved to the smart mode directory. Which is realy annoying as I have most (Not all) of my channels downloaded to another hard drive. Which makes going though and attempting to sort them take inconvenient.

Other then that. love you program, and hope to see this issue resolved quickly.

Author: Jordan Miles, 25.06.2016, 17:16
Idea status: under consideration


Wormsworth, 16.02.2017, 02:27
This will also occur on any stop restart and import from previous export.

It seems to forget the file was in a playlist - this creates many duplicate files in the root (or current smart mode) directory.

The program should save locations for all videos so if crash/stop/export they can be restarted to the correct directory.

A different/new smart mode directory should not affect the current downloads but be applied to NEW downloads only.

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